Machina Dynamica's The Super Intelligent Chip
Treats 14 CDs, DVDs, SACDs or Blu-Ray. $29 each.

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"The Super Intelligent Chip is a LOT more than I expected." ~ customer

"Beyond spectacular!" ~ customer

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How the Intelligent Chip Works - the Definitive Explanation

Machina Dynamica's latest product is The Super intelligent Chip, a small adhesive-backed silver disc that treats 14 CDs, DVDs, SACDs or Blu-ray discs. Available only from Machina Dynamica. $29 each. What makes them intelligent? (1)They know when a disc has already been treated and won't spend unnecessary energy. (2)They know when the disc in the player is completely treated and won't spend unnecessary energy on the disc. The treatment is virtually instantaneous. (3)They know when to die. They die gracefully after 14 treatments. (4)They work for red and blue laser players.

For Top Loaders - Place chip anywhere on the CD transport surface not covered by the Compact Disc.

Instructions for Super Intelligent Chip

The Super Intelligent Chip treats 14 discs - CD, DVD, SACD or Blu Ray. The Super Intelligent Chip is a 1/2" diameter light-sensitive silver disc stored in purple foil to protect it from ambient light. The chip should always be put back in the purple foil wrapper and placed in the white plastic container when not in use. You may treat all 14 discs at one time or treat as many discs as you want while the chip is still in place on the tray.

The chip comes with a semi-permanent, removable adhesive backing. Remove the backing to expose the glue dot adhesive, then attach the chip to the lower circular area of the tray reserved for Mini Discs. If your CD tray does not have a Mini Disc area then attach the chip to the underside of the CD tray in a location that doesn't interfere with the tray mechanism or the laser. Place the disc to be treated onto the CD tray and press PLAY. Allow the disc to play for approx. 2 seconds. The disc will then be treated permanently. Do NOT leave the chip on the CD tray unless you wish to treat more discs. When not in use the chip should be stored in its purple foil wrapper. Extra glue dots are provided.