Machina Dynamica's Brilliant Pebbles

Description & Applications

What the heck is it? Brilliant Pebbles is a unique and comprehensive system for tuning the room and audio system.

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Brilliant Pebbles Sizes:

Large Brilliant Pebbles On the floor in room corners, Large size Brilliant Pebbles reduces comb filter effects caused by very high sound pressure levels that develop in the corners when music is playing - as much as 3 or 4 times higher than the average sound pressure level in the room!! The Large size Brilliant Pebbles is also effective on tube amp Output Transformers; on top of speaker cabinets; and on armboards of turntables. Other effective locations include on top of Tube Traps; on side walls at the first reflection points; on the wall behind the listener position at points of high pressure; or anywhere in the 3 dimensional space of the room where a sharp rise in sound pressure relative to the average sound pressure in the room is measured using a test tone and sound pressure meter. Price $99 each.

Mini Brilliant Pebbles - Comes in a small clear plastic ziplock bag. This smaller Brilliant Pebbles is effective on top of CD/DVD/SACD players above the transport. Also, on top of DAC; turntable armboard; proximity to small electron tubes; and on tube traps and room lenses. Placed on the amp power cord connector on the amp end of the cord. Minis can also taped to glass doors, windows and the glass of pictures on the wall to control resonance. $59each.

Mikro Brilliant Pebbles - The small but powerful Mikro Brilliant Pebbles comes in a small ziplock bag and is intended for use in proximity to low level electron tubes in electronics and for all interconnects and digital cables, draped over or taped to the RCA connector at one or both ends of the cable. Also, on the power cord connector on the amp side. One or two Mikros is very effective placed on top of Quantum Electraclear & Quantum Symphony parallel line purifiers. Mikros can also be taped to glass doors and windows to control resonances. $29 each.

New Size! - Extra Large Brilliant Pebbles - about 50% larger than the Large size, intended for room corners of larger rooms and larger speaker cabinets. Comes in clear ziplock bag. $129each.

New Cable Kit of 4 Mikros - The Mikros should be attached to all interconnects and digital cable near the RCA jacks or placed on or next to the RCA jacks. Can also be taped to glass in the room - doors, pictures, windows.

Mikro Brilliant Pebbles on Interconnects