NEWS!! A Flood of New Products since 2010 including Ultra Signature version of the Clever Little Clock, Cryo Baby Promethean Mini Isolators, Super Stiff Springs, Morphic Message Labels, Flying Saucers for Windows, Flying Saucers for Wall Outlets, Sonic Tonic Anti-static Spray for CDs and Cables, Spectrum Purifier Coloring System for CDs, Quantum Temple Bell, Codename Turquoise II Tray Masking for CD Tray, Codename White Poppy Acoustic Resonator, Codename Top Banana II Tray Masking for Blu Ray Tray and Dark Matter Optical Coating for CDs.

NEWS!! New product - The Quantum Temple Bell, released Nov 2011. A treated Tibetan hand held brass bell improves audio and video performance quantum mechanically.

NEWS!! New product - the Super Intelligent Chip, incorporating the latest quantum dot technology, released June 2011.

NEWS!! New product - Blue Meanies - small blue 3/4 inch adhesive backed dots for room walls and Green Meanie for room ceiling. Operation by mind matter interaction.

The explanation of the Clever Little Clock now available online The Disintegration of Time - The Real Story of How the Clever Little Clock Works

We now have a Signature Version of the Clever Little Clock. $299. All Clever Little Clocks now come with Energizer brand Ultimate Lithium batteries.

Machina Dynamica Receives 2009 US Commerce Association Award for Outstanding Small Business.

The revised edition of the Intelligent Chip explanation now available online How the Intelligent Chip Works - The Definitive Explanation

Tru Tone Duplex Covers - ceramic duplex covers for all audio and non-audio outlets including unused outlets.

Machina Dynamica's The New Intelligent Chip MD-20 - the Next Generation Intelligent Chip, treats 20 discs. Stupendous Performance, Available Only from Machina Dynamica. Price $50 + shipping.

New Product!! Clever Lil Watch, a wristwatch version of the Clever Little Clock. The Clever Lil Watch improves the sound (and video) for everyone in the listening room, in the car, at Hi Fi Shows, movies, etc. Easy-access battery hatch. Battery replaceable w/ off-the-shelf battery. Price $129.

Codename Turquoise for Top-Loaders: One-piece ring that fits around CD spindle with cut-out for laser assembly.

Codename Turquoise Now comes in 2 Pre-cut Rings for the two inner circular areas of the CD Tray.

Go Bananas!! . Codename Top Banana for Blu Ray and HD-DVD players. 2 pre-cut rings, color-coded for blue lasers.