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NEW!! Machina Dynamica's Brand New Product

Codename Blue Meanies Room Tuning Device

Machina Dynamica's latest product, Codename Blue Meanies, is a set of 4 adhesive-backed 3/4" blue dots that are attached to the walls of the listening room, one dot per wall. If there are only three walls in the room, two blue dots should be placed on one of the walls. Codename Green Meanies are now available for the ceiling of the listening room, one or more per ceiling.

The Blue Meanie is neither a damper nor a resonator so it's location on the wall, unlike dampers and resonators, is not critical whatsoever. A Blue Meanie can be placed anywhere on the wall; it can even be hidden behind a picture or bookcase. Four white 3/4" removeable paper stickers are provided to cover the blue dots if desired, making them less conspicuous. Codename Blue Meanies operates via mind matter-interaction. The subconscious mind interacts with room boundaries, i.e., closed-in spaces, producing a claustrophobic reaction that interferes with and degrades the listener's sensory perception. It's like putting in a better set of interconnects. Price $99 for set of 4 Blue Meanies.

Additional benefits can be obtained by placing more than one Blue Meanie per wall and by placing one or more Blue Meanie on walls of other rooms in the house. Likewise, one or more Green Meanie can be used for the listening room ceiling and for ceilings of other rooms in the house.

NOW AVAILABLE!! - Codename Green Meanies for the ceiling. Price $25 each.



"I listened to the dots last night and there seems to be a clear improvement in making the music less congested. Strange." - January 2011


"Marked improvement to my already tweaked up system." - December 2010


"Cleaner!" - November 2010