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Machina Dynamica's Tru-Tone Duplex Covers

"Unbelievable dynamics!"

"I tried the Duplex Covers with good results for wall outlets located on the side walls, but "night and day" results were obtained when a Tru Tone Duplex Cover was placed on the unused outlet located on the wall behind and between the speakers."

"I can't believe these things actually improved the overall sound as much as they did. Is it resonance control that's lowering the noise floor? I hear greater detail in quiet passages and better front to back image definition. Very impressive!"


Machina Dynamica's Tru-Tone Duplex Covers are special audiophile-grade covers for all duplex wall outlets; they are intended to replace all types of duplex covers - steel, plastic, wood, etc. - in the listening room -- including non-audio outlets and unused outlets. While one or two Tru-Tone Covers can make a significant improvement to the sound, 3-4 Duplex Covers in the room can yield tremendous results. Tru-Tone Duplex Covers produce a remarkable degree of focus, fullness, detail and presence.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When installing the Tru-Tone Duplex Cover, the screw should be loosened 1 to 1 1/2 turns from the point when it is nearly tight; never overtighten. Tru-Tone Duplex Covers are prepared using proprietary materials-processing techniques and fit snugly on all standard duplex receptacles. Size: 1/4" thick x 2 3/4" wide x 4 1/2" high.

Tru-Tone Duplex Cover (pure white), $30.