How the Teleportation Tweak Works

The Whole Story Can Finally be Told


Copyright May 2015

Sometimes to create you must first destroy.

Made the scene, week to week
Day to day, hour to hour
The gate is straight
Deep and wide
Break on through to the other side
Break on through to the other side
Break on through, break on through
Break on through, break on through

Now, there's been a lot of speculation that the Teleportation Tweak involves sending subliminal messages over the phone - which actually isn't a bad idea lol ..."you are getting sleepy and your system sounds just like a really really big system...Magicos and Continuum Caliburn and the really big DarTZeels..." or sending frequency sweep audio signals or low frequency demagnetizing fade signals over the phone, akin to the demag tracks of the XLO Test CD. But those aren't what I do, not even close and a little too mundane, anyway. Fact is when I do the Teleportation Tweak for a customer his system doesn't have to ON at the time, nor does he even have to be in the house! Hel-looo! So, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to give away some of the "tricks" involved with the Teleportation Tweak. Watch this space. I will be running around doing a bunch of things today and the next few days and will be filling in the blanks on the fly.

1. The problem. Yes, it's our old friend, Information Fields, that's the problem. It's the thing itself AND the INFORMATION ABOUT THE THING, the meta data you could say. The information field is produced by the sum total of all like objects, for example things that are long and slender, things that are hollow, things that are blue, would all produce their own information fields. Thus, an object that is long and slender AND blue would be associated with, be linked to, a specific information field, a morphic field, shared by all long, slender and blue things. And the more there are the more powerful the information field. Words, phrases, books and other media like CDs and records also produce their own type of information field. And the electonic devices that bring information into the home produce fields as well - e.g., televisions, computers, iPads and cell phones. It was recently reported there are 7.3 billion active cell phones worldwide as of 2014. That would be one big honking information field! So, anyway, what we have here is a land line phone or cell phone the very presence of which, even though it's not even turned ON, causes the listener to perceive the sound as worse than it actually is. Any guest in the room will also perceive the sound as worse than it actually is. The guest would also perceive the sound as improved after the phone has been treated.

Now, you might ask, how can objects from various locations in the world combine to produce a field? And why does that field not attenuate over distance? The reason is that the Morphic Field is not bound to obey the inverse square law obeyed by electromgnetic or magnetic fields. The strength of a Morphic Field doesn't decrease with distance. The strength of a Morphic Field is determined by the number of objects or words or patterns, etc. only and is the same strength everywhere.

From Psychology Wiki - According to this concept, the morphic field underlies the formation and behavior of holons and morphic units, and can be set up by the repetition of similar acts and/or thoughts. The hypothesis says that a particular form belonging to a certain group which has already established its (collective) morphic field, will tune into that morphic field. The particular form will read the collective information through the process of morphic resonance, using it to guide its own development. This development of the particular form will then provide, again through morphic resonance, a feedback to the morphic field of that group, thus strengthening it with its own experience resulting in new information being added (i.e. stored in the database).

(The following two paragraphs are from Rupert Sheldrake) "Thanks to molecular biology, we know what genes do. They enable organisms to make particular proteins. Other genes are involved in the control of protein synthesis. Identifiable genes are switched on and particular proteins made at the beginning of new developmental processes. Some of these developmental switch genes, like the Hox genes in fruit flies, worms, fish and mammals, are very similar. In evolutionary terms, they are highly conserved. But switching on genes such as these cannot in itself determine form, otherwise fruit flies would not look different from us.

Many organisms live as free cells, including many yeasts, bacteria and amoebas. Some form complex mineral skeletons, as in diatoms and radiolarians, spectacularly pictured in the image below in the nineteenth century by Ernst Haeckel. Just making the right proteins at the right times cannot explain the complex skeletons of such structures without many other forces coming into play, including the organizing activity of cell membranes and microtubules."

Diatoms and Radiolarians image by Ernst Haeckel

So, let's start with the hypothesis that information itself produces detrimental information fields and that those things, the electronic devices, that bring that information into the house, that are essentially the LINKS to the OUTSIDE WORLD OF INFORMATION, are also detrimental to the sound. Thus, TVs, computers, cell phones, as well as LPs, CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray discs, cassettes, I.e., all music and video media, produce detrimental info fields. i won't even get into books, magazines, newspapers, bank statements, telephone books and bar codes. So while it's nice to collect these CDS and records and have them all nicely arranged on the shelf the more you have the worse the sound gets. Sorry to be the one to break it to you. You're just not aware of the degradation of the sound because it happens over a long period of time - and even if you were clued into the degradation who would suspect the CDs, right? Who would suspect information fields? I mean, really. But I digress.

Going forward with the hypothesis the phone is a conduit for information, that it acts as a link to the outside world - To other cell phones and the entire World Wide Web (internet) and that all cell phones, even when not in use, are linked to a "cell phone information field" the intensity or strength of which is a function of the number of cell phones in the world. Our minds are very sensitive to information and act like transceivers but subconsciously a lot the clutter we pick up on is interpreted as some sort of non specific THREAT, some kind of evolutionary reaction to the unknown, perhaps, as if the Information Fields are INTRUDERS. Under threat, the brain automatically assigns a lower priority to the sense of hearing and initiates threat avoidance procedures - adrenaline, etc. Of course, telephones of all types, like TVs and computers, are something we've had for a long time so even if phones did degrade the sound we'd most likely never put two and two together.

2. The solution. The Information Field MUST be attenuated! So, now we have a hypothesis that it's the stupid cell phone that's causing all the trouble. The folks a while back who suspected cell phones in the room spoiled audio demos because of the tiny speakers in the phones were close. Very close! But the real answer is more insidious and much stranger. And you're in really deep kim chi if you've got more than one phone. So now that we've ID'd the perp as the cell phone what are we going to do about it?

How do you affect info fields, especially from a distance of 10,000 miles? And in 20 seconds? So, what I thought I'd try, not at first, but much later, was an extension of some things I had already been doing for some time to affect information fields locally, in my own room. You know, the old Morphic Housekeeping routine. After all, it is logical to think that if it's quantum mechanical in nature, especially if it's quantum entanglement in nature, it might work long distance. But didn't occur to me to try this thing long distance until much later. What I finally wound up trying - just to see if such a far out and implausible thing could possibly work - was to see if a land line phone connection could carry and transfer the quantum type information. And surprisingly it worked. And it worked the very first time. And the distance of the first time was over a thousand miles. For reference, the farthest physicists had a achieved for quantum teleportation, info transfer back then, at that time around 2007, was about one meter! Then it was simply a matter of perfecting my technique and making the result more powerful. Currently the record for the physicists is somewhere around 80 miles.

And the Teleportation Tweak is complete as soon as I've finished "Clicking Through," which takes 20 seconds. The Clicking Through is obviously the operative mechanism in the whole teleportation thing and involves very exotic objects that have been programmed to affect Information Fields by changing the matter of the phone making it also exotic. And by making the phone exitic it makes it unlike the billions of other cell phones so the exotic phone is no longer linked to the "cell phone information field."

3. Is the Teleportation Tweak permanent?. The particular information field at the far end, the customer's end, the one associated with his phone is attenuated by changing the physical characteristics of the phone at his end. Exactly what characteristics are being changed I actually don't know and will leave that for a physics lab somewhere. The effects of the TT are permanent unless the customer gets a new cell phone, in which case the sound would revert back to the original state. It would be quite an undertaking to demonstrate that the TT is permanent, you know, due to all the things that affect the sound over a period of time - replacing cables, replacing tubes, replacing fuses, changing equipment, change in seasons, etc.

4. What does the Teleportation Tweak sound like? By attenuating the deleterious effects of the particular Information Field associated with the cell phone or land line phone the sound in the room becomes much closer to the sound that you would hear in an ideal world, I.e., a world without such subconscious interference that reduces the listener's sensory perception. After the Teleportation Tweak is performed the listener can more easily hear the complete and undistorted sound that his system is FULLY CAPABLE OF PRODUCING, that the system was producing BEFORE the TT. In other words, the SOUND WAS IN THE ROOM THE WHOLE TIME, he just couldn't fully appreciate the sound quality since his hearing ability had always been in a degraded state and not up to the level he always assumed it was.

Thus, the sound after the TT will be more open, more dynamic, less distorted and will have more AIR. The degree to which that occurs depends on a lot of things, all the usual suspects, like how resolving the system is, the hearing skill of the listener and how many untreated phones remain in the house. In spite of such caveates the TT will go a long way to allowing the listener access to how his system really sounds.

5. How fast does the Quantum Wave travel? The speed of light or very close to it is the speed of propagation of most telecommunications transmission systems, satellite, land line, microwave or combination of different transmission media. So when you are on the other end of the phone and you hear me Clicking Through and if you happen to be listening to the system as the Teleportation Tweak is being performed you would hear the effects right away on your audio system. Some people prefer not to hold their ear up to the phone while I'm Clicking Through, to hear the mechanical clicking noises, which is perfectly understandable. :-)

It's a little difficult to be completely sure about the kind of information that we're talking about here, the quantum type information, whether it's the electron spin or something else, that gets transmitted over the phone line, the same way voice is transmitted - as an electromagnetic wave at the speed of light. it appears to be the nature of the programmed exotic objects I use that's transferred to the customer's cell phone, creating an "exotic cell phone." And exotic cell phones break ranks with all the other untreated, unexotic cell phones in the world.

Calculate the probability that a Nazi will break ranks suddenly with the other Nazis

6. Does the Teleportation Tweak improve the performance of the treated cell phone? I've gotten anecdotal reports of significant performance improvements for the customer's treated cell phone. One case was where the customer's new cell phone had poor reception in his house, around 2 bars, so he had to go outside in the yard, where reception was 4 bars, in order for me to do the Teleportation Tweak. After the Teleportation Tweak was complete and we had both hung up he called back excitedly twenty minutes later to report his reception was up to 4 bars inside the house, even in the basement. I had another report from a customer in China who told me he could now use his cell phone in the elevator of his building whereas prior to the Teleportation Tweak there was no reception in the elevator.

7. The Einstein thought experiment. Since the early twentieth century, quantum mechanics has posed new challenges for the view that physical processes should obey locality. Whether quantum entanglement counts as action-at-a-distance hinges on the nature of the wave function and decoherence, issues over which there is still considerable debate among scientists and philosophers. Note: if it is actually quantum entanglement that's involved with the Teleportation Tweak then it has as much in common with the Intelligent Chip as it does with the Clever Little Clock. One important line of debate originated with Einstein, who challenged the idea that quantum mechanics offers a complete description of reality, along with Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen. They proposed a thought experiment involving an entangled pair of observables with non-commuting operators (e.g. position and momentum).

Quantum Entanglement

This thought experiment, which came to be known as the EPR paradox, hinges on the principle of locality. A common presentation of the paradox is as follows: two particles interact and fly off in opposite directions. Even when the particles are so far apart that any classical interaction would be impossible (see principle of locality), a measurement of one particle nonetheless determines the corresponding result of a measurement of the other.

Addendum. Interesting point by Kumar. The original EPR paper purports to describe what must happen to "two systems I and II, which we permit to interact ...", and, after some time, "we suppose that there is no longer any interaction between the two parts." In the words of Kumar (2009), the EPR description involves "two particles, A and B, [which] interact briefly and then move off in opposite directions."[13] According to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, it is impossible to measure both the momentum and the position of particle B exactly. However, according to Kumar, it is possible to measure the exact position of particle A. By calculation, therefore, with the exact position of particle A known, the exact position of particle B can be known. Also, the exact momentum of particle A can be measured, so the exact momentum of particle B can be worked out. Kumar writes: "EPR argued that they had proved that ... [particle] B can have simultaneously exact values of position and momentum. ... Particle B has a position that is real and a momentum that is real."

About the Author: Geoff Kait, education: Aerospace Engineering (theoretical fluid dynamics, propulsion, statistical thermodynamics, nuclear physics, indeterminate structures). Work experience: NASA satellite operations and radar data analysis; aerodynamics of high-performance aircraft and reentry vehicles; radio and satellite communications; spread spectrum communications. He incorporated Machina Dynamica in 1998 and designed the Nimbus Sub-Hertz Platform, Promethean Base, Special Helical Springs, Cryo Baby Promethean Mini Isolators, Brilliant Pebbles, the Super Intelligent Chip, the Clever Little Clock, Codename Turquoise CD Tray Masking System, Codename Top Banana Blu Ray Tray Masking System, Tru Tone Duplex Covers, Frog Jump in Water Sound Tweak, Codename White Poppy Acoustic Resonators, Codename Blue Meanies, Quantum Temple Bell, Flying Saucers for Windows, Flying Saucers for Wall Outlets, Sonic Tonic Anti-static Spray, Quark! natural cork for isolating circuit boards and transformers, Spectrum Purifier CD Coloring System, Dark Matter Optical CD Spray, Particle Accelerator Tourmaline Ion Gun, Morphic Message Labels, Modded Portable CD player, Super Stiff Springs, New Dark Matter, Mystery Tweak and the Teleportation Tweak.