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BLU MATTER blue laser scattered light absorber for Blu Ray discs. Adhesive backed 3/4" chip attached to the underside of the Blu-ray disc and left in place while the disc plays. $39 each.

DARK MATTER OPTICAL COATING for CDs. Applied to Label Side of CD. Spray bottle Treats 100 CDs. $99 each. Sample size treats 10 CDs, $20.

"""" QUARK! Pure Natural Cork damping material, 1/8" thick sheet 4"x6" $20 each.

BLU SPECTRUM PURIFIER Blu Ray Disc Coloring Kit. $29 each.

CODENAME TOP BANANA II for Blu Ray Player tray. $29 each.

CODENAME TURQUOISE II CD tray masking system. $29 each.

SPECTRUM PURIFIER CD Coloring Kit, various colored markers. $29 each.

PARTICLE ACCELERATOR tourmaline gun for CDs, cables, etc. $129 each.

SONIC TONIC Anti-Static Spray Bottle for all cables, glass, CDs. $29 each.


FLYING SAUCERS FOR WINDOWS, copper foils for windows. $20 set of 4.

BABY PROMETHEAN MINI ISOLATORS hardened High carbon steel compression springS for isolating audio components. $13 each.

DIAMOND LIGHT CRYSTAL high frequency clarifier. $39 plus shipping.

CD RE-ANIMATOR stroboscopic multi-color light gun for treating all optical discs. $139 + shipping.

QUANTUM TEMPLE BELL room acoustics tweak. With instructions $129+ shipping.

FROG JUMP IN WATER SOUND room acoustics tweak. Includes 4 plastic containers 12x6x6 + complete instructions $39 + shipping.

CODENAME WHITE POPPY ACOUSTIC RESONATOR. White ceramic acoustic resonator, wall mounted, bowl diameter 1.00 inch. $99 each + shipping. 4 for $299 + shipping.

CODENAME BLUE MEANIES room tuning device. Set of 4 blue dots 3/4" diameter that attach to room walls. $99 set of 4 Blue Meanies + shipping.

CODENAME GREEN MEANIE room tuning device. A green dot 3/4" diameter that attaches to room ceiling. $25 each + shipping.


THE SUPER INTELLIGENT CHIP. Treats 14 discs. $29 + shipping.

TELEPORTATION TWEAK. Performed during telephone call to Machina Dynamica. Teleportation Tweak takes 20 seconds. $60.

PRETZEL LOGIC REEF KNOT DEVICE. Manufactured with permission of PWB Electronics, attached to any and all audio cables, interconnects, TV cords and other non-audio cables. $39 each.

CODENAME TOP BANANA Blu Ray Player Tray Masking Kit. Two Pre-cut rings of Special Color Coded Paper + removeable adhesive for covering the inner recessed areas of the Tray below the Blu Ray disc. $59 + shipping.

CODENAME TURQUOISE CD Tray Masking Kit. Two Pre-cut Rings of Special Color Coded Paper and removeable adhesive for covering the inner circular areas of the CD Tray. $59 + shipping. Codename Turquoise is now available for Top-Loaders as single 5-inch ring that fits around the CD spindle, with cut-out for laser assembly. $59 + shipping

ULTRA SIGNATURE VERSION OF THE CLEVER LITTLE CLOCK - The Clock can be placed anywhere in the room for improved audio and video. Ultra Signature Version $299 + shipping.

TRUE TONE DUPLEX COVERS. For all duplex wall outlets, including non-audio and unused outlets. $30 each + shipping.

Extra-Large Brilliant Pebbles: $129

Large Brilliant Pebbles: $99

Mini Brilliant Pebbles: $59

Mikro Brilliant Pebbles: $29