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All of our springs will come cryogenically treated, not only the Cryo Baby Promethean Mini Isolators but also the very soft springs for very lightweight components and the Super Stiff Springs for very heavy components.

NEW PRODUCT: SUPER STIFF BABY PROMETHEAN MINI ISOLATORS - FOR ISOLATING REALLY HEAVY THINGS. Super Stiff Springs are rated at 30 lb each plus or minus. These super strong springs allow use of granite or marble slabs under the component. Now isolating things like Verdier turntables, big VPI turntables, heavy subwoofers or heavy amplifiers is a snap. The Super Stiff Baby Promethean spring is 2 inches tall uncompressed (1.3 inch compressed) and 1.5 inch outside diameter.


Morphic Message Labels, comes in a sheet of 80 CLEAR Easy Peel adhesive backed lables with morphic messages in red ink, each label 2/3 inch by 1 3/4 inch. Morphic Message Labels go on ANY and ALL BAR CODES on the jewel box of all CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray discs, as well as any and all Bar Codes on LPs and books - i.e., all media. Labels should also go on any and all COMPACT DISC DIGITAL AUDIO logos that appear on jewel boxes and on CDs themselves. Labels should also go on ALL BAR CODES anywhere in the house - on food packages, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, kitchen appliances, etc. Many different messages to choose from, one message per sheet. Morphic Message Labels are based on the Peter Belt Red X Pen and Gold Message Foil. Permission was granted for this Morphic Message Label project by Peter and May Belt of PWB Electronics. $30 per sheet of 80 labels. if you order three sheets of labels each sheet will contain a different morphic message. Instructions included.

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Super Stiff Springs

Super Intelligent Chip

Cryo Baby Promethean Mini Isolators

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Quantum Temple Bell Room Treatment

Codename Turquoise for CD Player

Codename Top Banana for Blu Ray

Spectrum Purifier CD Coloring System

Quark! Pure Natural Cork for Damping Capacitors & Circuit Boards

Flying Saucers for Windows

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Tru Tone Duplex Outlet Cover

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