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THEY'RE HERE!! NEW PRODUCT!! - Animal Magnetism Cable Collars for ICs and Power Cords - the biggest thing since the invention of wire. A set of metal collars that easily slip over the jackets of all interconnects and power cords. Ideally the entire cable should be fitted with these collars. You can try 4 or 5 per cable and see how you like them. Several different sizes from 2" to 4" are included to fit bends in cables. It is not necessary to unplug cables. $10 each, $80 set of 8.

Animal Magnetism Cable Collars for ICs and Power Cords

NEW!! Random Audiophile Tips: Not only should the correct direction of interconnects be established by listening but correct channelization (L to L and R to R) should be preserved throughout the system.

NEW!! New Article, "What's Wrong with CDs and Why Do They Sound So Horrible?

NEW!! Particle Accelerator Ion Gun, a Tourmaline based ionizer for CDs and cables, etc. This is Machina Dynamica's updated version of the Xionic Tourmo Gun of some years ago from Xtreme AV. The Particle Accelerator employs Grade AAA tourmaline for generating negative ions.

Customer Comment: "The Tourmaline ion gun does a fantastic job of improving the quality and depth of the soundstage. In addition the music has a more relaxed "flowing" sound. A tweek worth purchasing." - July 15, 2014

NEW!! Ultra Signature Version of the Clever Little Clock.

Customer Comment: "I received the sixth Ultra Signature Clever Little Clock and Brilliant Pebbles today. Thanks! With six Clever Little Clocks now, my system has reached its all time zenith. I fear though that I'm addicted to them and may order more. I've got a system consisting of the TAD CR1 loudspeakers, Rega's flagship Isis and Osiris components with Siltech Classic 770 G7 series cabling. I had the luxury of building my listening room from a set of plans drawn by Rives Audio. The acoustic treatment is Rives level 4. Pretty nice, huh?" - June 15, 2014

NEW!! Dark Matter CD Optical Coating

NEW!! Super Intelligent Chip CD treatment, each chip treats 14 discs.

NEW!! Cryo Baby Promethean Mini Isolators.

NEW!! Anniversary Version of Brilliant Pebbles.

NEW!! Teleportation Tweak Long Distance Audio and Video Upgrade treatment, performed over the phone.

NEW!! Codename Top Banana II Tray Masking Kit for Blu Ray.

NEW!! Spectrum Purifier Coloring System for CDs.

NEW!! Blu Spectrum Purifier for Blu Ray.

NEW!! Blue Meanies for Room Walls and Green Meanie for Room Ceiling.

NEW!! Quantum Temple Bell for Room Acoustics and for Video Picture

NEW!! Frog Jump in Water Tweak (bowls of water on floor in front of speakers)

NEW!! Sonic Tonic anti-static spray for CDs, interconnects, etc.

NEW!! CD Re-animator Multicolor stroboscopic light gun for treating CDs.

NEW!! Quark! Pure natural cork rectangles for isolating transformers and circuit boards.

NEW!! Flying Saucers for Windows

NEW!! Flying Saucers for Wall Outlets

Tru Tone Duplex Outlet Covers

White Poppy Acoustic Resonators